Swarm Pack

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Swarm Pack

Making Drone Light Show Simpler

For Outdoor Drone Light Show


S-330 Drone

15-minute Performing Time
Light Changing with 32 Colors

Swarm Control Ground Station

Enterprise Edition Ready to Use
Personal Edition Supporting Development

Precise Positioning

Real-time Kinematic
Centimeter-level Accuracy


Fast to Start Training
Fast to Carry Out Projects


Zero Network Traffic

Reliable & Safe

Anti-interference Flight Controller
SwarmLink Data Link

Enterprise Edition

Quickly Become Drone Light Show Providers

A complete set of drones, swarm control softwares, trainings and services, buy & play.

Personal Edition

Create Your Own Ideas for Drone Swarm

Much easier for individual and research users to build their own drone swarm based on open-sourse software.

Cluster Formation Ideas For the Future

Fire, Agriculture, Rescue, Surveillance…