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Gateway for Swarming Unmanned Systems

Long-distance Real-time Swarming Control


Plug & Play

No Network Configuration
Quick Start

Fast Networking

Automatic Access
300+ Unmanned Systems

Low Latency

Intelligent Idle Channel Detection
Adaptive Back-off Strategy

Low Packet Loss

Multi-level Buffering
Packet Collisions Avoidance

Strong Anti-interference

LoRa-based Modulation
-148dBm High Sensitivity


400MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz Supported

EasySwarm Personal Edition Software

Distribute swarm coordination policy timely and ac

EasySwarm offers: single/multiple drones unlock, take-off, return, navigation; import user defined swarming plan; communications quality logs; firmware update of SwarmLink.

Swarm Control

User-defined formation

Import offline swarming plan, carry out projects automatically, and stop at any time.

Open Source

EasySwarm Personal Edition is open to researchers

EasySwarm supports PX4, ArduPilot, etc.