Phenix Mini

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Phenix Mini

Reliable Industrial Flight Controller

Tiny Figure, Rock Steady


High Quality

High-precision Industrial Sensor Element

Better Anti-vibration Design

Mechanical Damping & Data Filtering

Multiple Date Fusion

EKF Filtering & Accurate Calibration Algorithms

Dual IMU Redundancy

Built-in Dual IMU with High Performance


Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter


Battery Voltage, Motor, Flight Log

Drone Swarm

Real-time control over RGB lighting, multi-drone synchronous motion, stand-alone failure to return.

Centimeter-level RTK

Dual antenna for measuring heading angle assist navigation in a complex magnetic feild environment.

Forward Avoidance

Millimeter wave radar obstacle avoidance, automatic deceleration near obstacles, automatic hovering within a safe distance.