Phenix Pro

Phenix Pro

The 3rd Generation Industrial Drone Flight Computer

Autonomous Pilot System Development Platform


Highly Extensible

Interfaces of IO and Communication Protocols
Including Camera Link, LVDS, CAN, etc.

UAV Operating System

Real-time data fusion & attitude estimation

Developer Community

Rich development materials
Timely online technical support

All Programmable

Based on Xilinx Zynq SoC
Dual Core ARM+FPGA

Redundancy & Data fusion

Three IMUs for backup
Redundant design based on three GNSS sets

Automobile Industry Graded According to ISO26262

In-chip memory protection mechanism
Error detection & correction algorithm


All Programmable

Dual Core ARM+FPGA

Advanced AI algorithms are allowed to run on board, with performance 100 times higher than GPU. Intelligent environment sensing, obstacle avoidance and autopilot are supported.


Development Tools

Benefit from Matlab Simulink

Several simulink toolkit and advanced compilers enable developers to implement flight controlling models.


Developer Ecosystem

Promoting Technology Exchange and Sharing

Our GitBook helps developers to write, collaborate and publish content online. Both code and examples can be found on GitHub.