Robsense Attended the Ardupilot Developer Conference

Robsense Attended the Ardupilot Developer Conference


 Opening ceremony of the 2018 ArduPilot global uav developer conference


The conference invited a number of big names around the world, which covered hardware development, multi-rotor software development, fixed-wing development, control, ground station development, submarine development, drone education and other core technical difficulties so as to promote the exchange of the Ardupilot foreign core development team and the domestic UAV industry, providing more innovative solutions for enterprises in different fields.


Jay Jin, the founder and CEO of Robsense as the representative of drone companies, shared the latest drone performance of Robsense, as well as the swarm control and communication network technology behind it.


The product line of the Robsense is divided into personal edition and enterprise edition. The personal edition focuses on open-source and developer community, and serves individual users such as universities and research institutions. The drone performance presented this time was mainly based on Robsense’s personal edition product line.


   Opening ceremony of the 2018 ArduPilot global uav developer conference


As Dr. Jin mentioned, there were three choices of drone platform of S-330 , R-650 and I-800 , which can meet the vertical application scenarios and budget requirements of each swarm according to the customized requirements of users on the weight and load. In addition, Phenix Pro (supporting ArduPilot AC 3.6.0 and AC 3.4.0 firmware), SwarmLink, EasySwarm Enterprise Edition, and the mature RTK high-precision positioning. The entire open solution is about to be posted, serving more clustered application scenarios, embodying the technical and business ideas of the Robsense’s open and win-win.


At the meeting, the Robsense also introduced the development interface of drone platform based on different load capacity. The Robsense’s drone platform mainly provides drone position, altitude, speed, gimbal angle, camera zoom, camera shooting, battery charging and changing, multi-machine cluster control, image data wireless download, obstacle avoidance millimeter wave radar, ranging millimeter wave radar, landing module, multi-rtk system and other application control and data interface API. The vast free development space, giving user depth control and even realizing full automation, ensures the vertical depth of the solution customer depth exploration industry.


We collaborated with universities and institutes across Asia and Europe to strengthen research on industrial unmanned systems. 


We also have been active in drone light shows:


On September 17, we attracted wide publicity by performing a customized drone light show for 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference at West Bund, Shanghai, China. 72 RobSense drones perfectly flew to the sky in a formation of “WAIC”, “AI@SH”, etc.


On September 1st, RobSense performed a drone light show featuring three Chinese characters of“Ruo”,“Lian”, “Hang”, and a illuminated “Spiral”.The most fantastic part was the human-drone real-time interaction, probably the first time drone light show played in response to human talk. The louder the sound is, the more drones will light up.


On Chinese valentine’s day,the Robsense specially produced a video of the formation performance, expressing love and good wishes to the lovers of the world with “Qi Xi” and “I️U”.


On May 26th, RobSense successfully made a stunning logo customized drone light show for the first 2050 Conference in Hangzhou Yunqi Town.The night sky is the palette and drones are paintbrushes. 46 RobSense drones equipped with LED lights were programmed to fly in a perfect formation of “2050” and “RST”, which won a warm cheer from the audience.


The success of each formation performance is inseparable from the strong technical support behind, that is swarm control including flight control, positioning and navigation, wireless communication links, ground station software.


First of all, the drone used for the performance is S-330, which weighs 1224g and has a maximum flight time of 21 minutes. It is equipped with 32-color lights, and the auto-disturbance avoidance flight controller.


Secondly, the S-330 adopts Phenix Mini flight controller, which can provide reliable control and support the open source system of Ardupilot.


In addition, centimeter-level RTK offers more accurate and stable positioning and navigation.


Finally, based on LoRa technology of IoT, SwarmLink provides long-distance and real-time interactive communication for large-scale drone formation, which not only ensures that the whole swarm can achieve real-time and non-real-time control, but also enhances the reliability more than 10 times than WiFi gateways. EasySwarm ground station software helps to distribute swarm coordination strategies to each drone in a timely and accurate manner.


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