RobSense Successfully Made its First Drone Light Show at 2050 Conference

RobSense Successfully Made its First Drone Light Show at 2050 Conference

On May 26th, RobSense successfully made a stunning logo customized drone light show for the first 2050 Conference in Hangzhou Yunqi Town, which was led by Jian Wang, Chairman of Technical Committee at Alibaba.


The night sky is the palette and drones are paintbrushes. 46 RobSense drones equipped with LED lights were programmed to fly in a perfect formation of “2050” and “RST”, which won a warm cheer from the audience.


As we know, communication has always been a tricky problem for drone light shows, particularly real-time control in case of emergency. While SwarmLink gateway by RobSense can offer real-time control and its long-distance signal controlling and strong anti-interference are much better than other gateways.


In this big show, it only took one SwarmLink gateway, one computer and one memeber to control 46 drones in real time to change formations three times in 10 minutes. Besides, it started to rain in the process of the show at that night, so RobSense team had to end the show one minute earlier than expected. SwarmLink gateway provided a ultra-reliable data link guarantee for formations.


This dazzling drone light show not only integrated core technology of RobSense but also united the whole team to try their best to achieve the goal. It was full of unknown and challenges, but engineers from RobSense could always turn pressure into power. Their actions proved that nothing is impossible if you are brave enough and work hard enough. That was the very essence of 2050 Conference that tech brings youth together and then they do something big together.


This was the first time for RobSense to take flight with light in public. From preparing to performing, it only took the whole team about two weeks. It was just a beginning. In the future, RobSense will keep going and creating more drone light shows.


*Note: Because the weather was poor on the night of 26th, the on-site satellite signal was weak. The RobSense team had to end the performance one minute earlier than expected. All video/graphic materials in this article were recorded during the rehearsal on the night of 25th.


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