Xitang Ancient Town and Robsense stage a drone show to celebrate the 70th birthday of New China

Xitang Ancient Town and Robsense stage a drone show to celebrate the 70th birthday of New China


On the evening of September 30, the Xitang Ancient Town Scenic Area combined with Ruolian Technology, 200 drones rushed into the night sky, and various shapes such as ‘I love Xitang’ and ‘love you China’ were changed in the night to present the 70th birthday of New China!


This carefully planned drone creative light show event with the theme of ‘Aerial Gifts · Dreams with the Country’ in 2019 brought a shocking visual feast to the citizens and tourists.


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The exploding night sky, soaring elves, and shocking formations changed. The main entrance of Xitang Ancient Town Scenic Area was crowded before 7 o’clock that day. Tourists, local residents, couples holding hands, helping the elderly, children riding around Dad’s neck, all looked up to wait for the moment when the drone took off.

Suddenly, the crowd exclaimed, ‘Come here, here you come, look, the plane is here.’

I saw a matrix of 200 drones slowly lift off and began to change shape. I saw a drone leading a boat, a bridge in the air, the boat slowly passing under the bridge, a ‘small bridge flowing water’, the temperament and artistic conception of the ancient town of Jiangnan.

Immediately after, the drone reassembled the shape in the air, showing the ‘I LOVE Xitang’ shape. After the drone rotates 180 degrees in the air, it ends in a book.

After the book is turned 180 degrees and opened again, the pattern becomes ‘I LOVE China’, which is very exciting. Crowds of tourists at the scene burst into warm applause. Dong Cheng, a sixth-year student at Xitang Town Central Primary School, jumped up in excitement. ‘I am from Xitang, I am proud! Long live the motherland, I love you!’ Shouted Dong Cheng.

A few seconds after the skylights went out, a huge ’70’ word flashed, and the multicolored lights shone. The cheers of tourists are deafening ~

The gradual change of the starry sky and the five-star red flag forming a wave effect. In a red ocean, we confessed a stunning visual feast to the motherland and pushed the entire light show to a climax.

In order to complete this performance, we started from the Air Force’s registration and prepared nearly a month later to complete all the computer software simulation procedures. ‘These elves became the brightest stars over Xitang under the frame-by-frame debugging of the engineers!’


Finally, Ruolian Technology wishes the motherland a happy birthday!

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