Remember the visit of the 26th China International Advertising Festival.

Remember the visit of the 26th China International Advertising Festival.



On October 26th, the 26th China International Advertising Festival opened in Nanchang, Jiangxi. This advertising festival brought together domestic and foreign advertising, signage, imaging technology equipment companies, indoor and outdoor traditional media, digital media, advertising companies, advertisers, and provincial and municipal advertisements. Association members, industry forums, and industry awards are equal. It is the ‘Olympic’ for comprehensive communication, display and competition in China’s advertising industry, and a comprehensive business platform for expanding business opportunities, spreading ideas, interpreting images, and incubating innovation.


       In this international advertising festival, Ruolian Technology was also invited to participate in it, and for the first time introduced the ‘landmark drone aerial advertising’ business to the advertising industry, and negotiated with many well-known domestic landmark advertising agencies on the scene. To provide advertising agencies and brands for the industry segments, provide urban landmark prime-time aerial advertising space, in the form of drone formation sky show, empower the new paradigm of traditional advertising industry content, combine online and offline ‘point burst’ Traffic to realize the transformation of large-area and high-efficiency corporate brand power into market purchasing power.


In the booth of Ruolian in this exhibition, the case of commercial drone formation show services played in a loop has caused a lot of friends in the advertising industry to be curious about the new field of drone formation show and stop to communicate. The products, especially the ‘Landmark Advertisement in the Sky’ program, showed great interest.

The exhibition’s internal space display placed the protagonist of Robsense’s ‘Landmark Advertisement in the Air’, and the special quadrotor drone for S330 formation light show attracted a large number of exhibitors to stop and watch.


‘Landmark Air Advertisement’ is a new form of advertising and has spawned a new business model. Compared with the traditional outdoor advertising model, it has significant advantages such as wide offline coverage and fast online transmission speed. Using drones to arrange various patterns to bring you a new visual experience, such a new advertising form that combines technology and cultural creativity is gradually accepted and respected by the public.


        Ruolian Technology has the industry’s leading drone cluster control system and intelligent control of one-button operation, which guarantees that the drone orchestration performance will go smoothly. Based on ‘Landmark Air Advertisement’ is a brand new advertising business model. Ruolian Technology has already replicated the model and promoted the agency channel in the Yangtze River Delta.


West Lake Drone Show in Hangzhou

As a well-known scenic spot in the country, Hangzhou West Lake received 340,000 people on the first day of the National Day holiday. The National Day of 2019 is also the first drone formation performance in the West Lake Scenic Area, and it still attracts a large number of tourists to watch the scene without preheating. CCTV News, CGTN and other official media also broadcast live. In addition, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Hangzhou TV Station, Tiger Sniff, Switzerland and other media at home and abroad have successively reported, including Weibo, public account, CCTV news client news releases totaling 30 million +. The carefully arranged drone performance and the West Lake Scenic Area were a fusion of technology and culture, which brought surprises to visitors.

Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Drone Show


As the CBD of Hangzhou, Qianjiang New City has a core area containing landmarks such as civic centers, financial centers, and international conference centers. In this core area by the Qiantang River, the light show has also become a way for Hangzhou to display to the outside world. After the 2016G20 Summit, the Qianjiang New City Light Show has become a new cultural business card in Hangzhou. The drone formation light show attracts citizens and tourists with a unique sense of technology. Become one of the must check-in locations except West Lake. The light show Ruorian Technology brought 230 drones to help the China Mobile Asian Games signing ceremony, and also displayed a visual feast for the on-site citizens. Once again set a record for the number and scale of drone formations in Hangzhou


Drone Show in Hangzhou Qianjiang Century Park


Qianjiang Century Park is one of the landmarks, and is close to the Olympic Sports Center and the main venue of the G20 Summit. T-shaped distribution along the riverside, a total length of about 4 kilometers along the river landscape belt has been divided into 5 blocks. Various music events are held here every year to create a music feast for the fans. Can be combined with Qianjiang New City building lights for brand releases, music fountains, etc. The light show performance is as wide as the Qianjiang New Town on the other side.


       On May 20th, Ruolian Technology brought 150 aircraft arrays along the Qiantang River and used the city balcony light show as a background to express its affection to the motherland of the motherland. It was designed to celebrate the launching ceremony of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s large-scale integrated media news operation After the event began, China Blue News APP, Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue official Weibo and other new media platforms of nearly 100 radio and television groups in the province linked live broadcasts, with about 50 million viewers. At the event, thousands of spectators gathered on both sides of the Qiantang River.


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Business Unit Introduction

Hangzhou Ruolian Technology Co., Ltd. Smart Media Division,Based on Ruolian’s leading Phenix drone brain, it is deeply involved in the content creation, content dissemination and content operation of traditional landmark advertisements. Plan drone aerial brand shows that are deeply integrated with landmark IP and complement each other for brands. In addition to the aerial drone formation brand show at the venue, Ruolianzhi also undertakes various aerial drone formation brand shows


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