Fusion of technology and culture | Nearly 300 drones “dancing” over West Lake!

Fusion of technology and culture | Nearly 300 drones “dancing” over West Lake!


The evening of October 6

Nearly 300 drones ‘dancing’ in the night sky of West Lake!

CCTV News, CGTN and other official media broadcast live

As well as major news media

Read more than 6.5 million

The scene is spectacular

After watching the tears in your eyes!

(Click on the video below to watch)

To prepare for this flight show

Our staff made a test flight the night before

Is to ensure the quality of the effect the next day

Before departure that night

There are many tourists waiting early outside the railings

Wait until officially take off

The crowd started cheering

Everyone looked up to watch the performance

Over the Pinghu Qiuyue Waters in the West Lake Scenic Area

Nearly 300 drones continuously change their formation

‘Quyuan Fenghe’, ‘Santan Moonprint’, ‘Broken Bridge and Snow’

Appear sequentially

  (Photo by Sun Xiaoming)


When ’70’ ‘ You China’ appeared in the night sky

Instantly ignite the passion of citizens and tourists

Cheers ‘Too much trouble’

Interacting with the shining night scene

Burning West Lake

This shining drone formation show

On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China

With the West Lake night scene and the sky curtain as the background

Drones with environmental protection technology

Transforming through formations and lights

West Lake Natural Humanities

From the ground to the air

The drone light show

Organized by Xihu Scenic Area Asset Management Group

Hangzhou Ruolian Technology

Beijing Yingtian Film

Swiss FixPosition

provide technical support

Completed the wonderful premiere of West Lake waters together


CCTV News interviewed the head of Ruolian Technology

Talk about the pattern and technology of this performance

Difficulty of water show

Radio waves are reflected

Lawn height difference and flatness at takeoff point

Very high accuracy and stability requirements for the entire system

Send feedback


This is the first drone show in West Lake

We hope it is a good start

Night view of the beautiful West Lake

In a high-tech way

The future is constantly presented


Let the general public tourists

See West Lake from a different perspective

Experienced a visual feast at night

I really feel the vivid charm of immersive night culture


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