Robsens helps 200 unmanned aerial vehicles of Hangzhou Power to build “Chinese heart”

Robsens helps 200 unmanned aerial vehicles of Hangzhou Power to build “Chinese heart”



Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology combined with Ruolian Technology, with the unique thinking of Engineering University, played a ‘new height’ and ‘new tricks’ in expressing the motherland.


At 20:30 on September 29th, the empty stadium in the living area of the headquarters of Hangzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd. reached a height of 120 meters. 200 drone light shows showed the ‘Great Wall’, ‘China Core’, ‘China V’, ’70’, ‘Initial Mission’, ‘National Events Do your best ‘and other patterns make the teachers and students of Hangzhou Electric and the residents of Xiasha amused, and the entire Hangzhou circle of friends instantly swipe the screen.


The theme of this Hangzhou Electric Power Drone Light Show is ‘One Heart Reporting to Guohang Electric Power to Build a Dream’. Hangdian people’s unique feelings of home and country run through. What is particularly impressive is that the fourth performance element, ‘Chinese Heart’, is surrounded by chip graphics, which reflects the efforts and achievements of ‘Hangdian as a University of Electronic Science and Technology has always been committed to the independence of domestic chips.’

Zhou Yanjun is a junior student of Hangdian Electronic Information Institute. When he was interviewed by reporters, he was amazed by the ‘Great Wall’ element in the performance. ‘I also wrote a program, so I put 200 drones in the air in the shape of a three-dimensional Great Wall. Difficulty and deep understanding. This means writing a separate program for each drone participating in the show, and they will appear in a specific waypoint in the air every millisecond for more than 20 minutes of the show. This is a kind of trembling The charm is also the beauty of precision. ‘


Freshman Wang Zherui, a freshman at the School of Humanities, Arts and Digital Media watching at the scene, sighed, ‘On the approaching day of National Day, what could be more surprising than the construction of a ‘high-altitude Great Wall’ by drones? We are proud of the heroic achievements in our hearts gas.’

The performance of Hangdian was performed by Ruolian Science and Technology, which was created by the 2010 graduate of the school, Dr. Jie Jin, who performed the ‘520 Motherland’ and the Asian Games operation on the Qiantang River in Hangzhou on May 20 The signing ceremony of the drone drone light show in Hangzhou was screened and the news network team was led by Jin Jie.

The Hangdian UAV light show made great efforts in ‘Hangdian Core’ and ‘Chinese Heart’.


Qidian Jun, member of the Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda of the Hangzhou Electric Power Group, said: ‘The Chinese core gene’ is flowing in the blood of the people of Hangzhou Electric Power. In the early 1990s, as the main participant, Hangdian successfully developed China’s first integrated circuit design software platform with a completely independent intellectual property right-the Panda three-level system. Professor Luo Jianjun and teacher Cheng Deng Xiancan are committed to the independent research and development and industrialization of solid-state storage hard disk controller chips. He returned to Paradise Hangzhou from Silicon Valley in the United States with no change. Guangming Daily commented on him, ‘putting the Chinese chip to a new level.’


In the future, Ruolian Technology will help more urban universities to offer gifts.


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