Robsense 230 drones help China Mobile Asian Games signing ceremony, swipe the screen aga

Robsense 230 drones help China Mobile Asian Games signing ceremony, swipe the screen again


On the evening of July 11, the signing conference of the official communication service partners of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou 2022 was held at Intercontinental Hotel in Hangzhou. China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. jointly became the official communication service partners of the Hangzhou Asian Games , Qiangqiang joined forces to help the intelligent Asian Games. Zhou Jiangyong, Vice Chairman of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, Standing Committee Member of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, and Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee attended and witnessed the signing. Wang Guoquan, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom, Li Zhengmao, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, Cai Xiaochun, Deputy Secretary General of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, and Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang Province Government Zheng Yao, Deputy Secretary-General of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, Director of Zhejiang Sports Bureau, Xu Jianhua, Director of Zhejiang Communications Administration, Chen Weiqiang, Deputy Secretary-General of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou, Han Zhencong, General Manager of Zhejiang Telecom, Zhejiang Mobile General Manager Zheng Jie signs a sponsorship agreement.

Hangzhou Ruolian Technology Co., Ltd., as the service provider of China Mobile ’s drone formation skylight light show service, signed a visual feast for the citizens on the scene with 230 drones. It is worth mentioning that the official organizing committee of the Asian Organizing Committee It also provides 8K ultra-high-definition VR live broadcasts using platforms such as CCTV News Mobile Network. 230 drones rose to the ground and spelled out the patterns of ‘mobile phone signal’, ‘2020’, ‘Hangzhou Logo’, ‘5G’, and ‘Asian Games Logo’ in the air, which attracted many on-site citizens. Compared with traditional pyrotechnics, the drone formation show is also better in terms of cost and environmental protection, showing the concept of ‘green, smart, frugal, and civilized’ for the Hangzhou Asian Games.


As of this formation show, Ruolian Technology once again broke the record of the number and scale of drone formation shows in Hangzhou area, and was amazingly empowered for the signing ceremony of ‘Wonderful 5G, Intelligent Asian Games’! 

The contents of the 230 drone formations fully demonstrated the brand new features of Hangzhou ’s “Smart Asian Games City”, “City of Digital Economy”, “City of 5G Things” and “City of Creative Culture” Citizens’ expectations for a bright future in Hangzhou. Let’s take a look at a group of citizens who took photos of the drone formation show that night.

The event lasted less than two weeks from the decision to take the drone formation task to the evening performance. Based on the stable performance of Ruolian in the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, 2019 Zhejiang 5G + Action Launch Conference, and 2019 Zhejiang Satellite TV 520 ‘Live Together’ Large-scale Media Action Launch Ceremony, China Mobile finally appointed Ruolian to act as The finale of the ceremony was a live broadcast of 5G Ultra HD 8K VR video.


In order to achieve amazing performances, drone formations need to have three elements: time, location, people, and people. Tianshi means that the wind cannot exceed 6 degrees, the weather is clear and there are no thick clouds; geography means that there must be no interference with high-frequency radio signals in the same frequency band; human and mean that each technical module solution is excellent to ensure the work of flight Tacit cooperation between personnel. During the preliminary rehearsal test, the city has been thunderstorms. The test was interrupted by the weather and was often interrupted. In the middle, it also experienced program adjustments.


Relying on the formation flight control and cluster network technology in the third-generation drone brain Phenix independently developed by Ruolian, and the close cooperation of Ruolian’s executives, the team completed the rehearsal perfectly, and finally used the eight-minute audiovisual feast to help China Mobile present a gift Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.


Hangzhou Ruolian Technology Co., Ltd.,Born in the wave of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the research and development of the next generation of networked flying robot brain Phenix. Phenix has provided drone products and system solutions for drone formation performances, industrial high-altitude inspections, education and training. In addition to commercial products, the company also releases its own leading-edge technology to build a global developer community by optimizing technology IP and industry applications to promote efficient docking of technology, markets, and capital to achieve open innovation.


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