The Chairman of the French Artificial Intelligence Center led a delegation to visit Robsense

The Chairman of the French Artificial Intelligence Center led a delegation to visit Robsense


At 1 pm on May 29th, Ruolian Technology welcomed the France AI Hub delegation from afar. The members include Professor Françoise Soulie, the famous artificial intelligence professor, Antoine Couret, chairman of the French artificial intelligence center, and Beijing Science and Technology Overseas Center Beijing Station. Co-founder Ludovic Bodin, Katti Bremme, innovation director of French television.


    France AI Hub is the engine and federation of the French artificial intelligence initiative and is part of the French government’s AI initiative. Members include multinational companies, well-known universities, research institutions, artificial intelligence associations and communities, small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and more. Hangzhou Ruolianke was fortunate to be the first stop of the delegation’s visit.

      The delegation first visited the company accompanied by the staff. In the product exhibition area, the members of the delegation had great interest in Ruolian’s I800, a highly customizable model for industrial applications. The main technical parameters and application scenarios of this model.

 In the field of intelligent clusters, Professor Françoise Soulie learned about the current situation of the UAV cluster formation of Ruolian Technology, and listened to the introduction of R & D personnel’s accumulation and attempts in the formation of UAV clusters. Expert, Professor Françoise Soulie affirmed the unmanned aerial vehicle cluster formation control technology and communication technology independently developed by Ruolian Technology, and proposed a variety of possibilities for the integration of artificial intelligence technology and unmanned aerial vehicle cluster formation technology. The space for smart UAV formation technology development is huge. By then, Robsense Technology will have great potential

   In the subsequent talks, the delegation heard Ruolian’s current typical application cases in the signal detection, power inspection, bridge inspection, and building inspection industries. During the exchange, members of the delegation frequently asked questions. Chairman Antoine Couret asked Ruolian The air signal detection project in cooperation with well-known communication equipment manufacturers has shown great interest




The visit and exchange of the French artificial intelligence center delegation deepened the delegation’s understanding of Ruolian Technology and strengthened the connection between Ruolian Technology and the French artificial intelligence center. Cooperation has been extensively discussed. After the talks, members of the two sides took a group photo.


    Hangzhou Ruolian Technology has always attached importance to communication and learning with relevant groups and people at home and abroad, and has R & D or offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland. Treat every visitor with an open mind and discuss the core technologies and applications of unmanned systems together.


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