“Let’s fly together”: Ruolian Technology ’s 150 drones take off by 520 nights

“Let’s fly together”: Ruolian Technology ’s 150 drones take off by 520 nights


At 19:30 on May 20th, Hangzhou Ruolian Technology Co., Ltd. took off with 150 drones, arrayed by the Qiantang River and took off. The formation of the formation from the ‘sky star’ to the eyes of the public, gradually changed to ‘520 China’ ‘I Your China’ ’70 years’ words, wonderful and creative performance caused the audience to spontaneously cheer and applause. Many viewers said that this is the first time to appreciate the scene, and they are deeply moved and the visual effects are very shocking.


robsense’s 150 drones formation video

The audience at the scene picked up their phones to record video

The drone formation combined with the city balcony light show as the background, the joint performance live show expressing affectionate expressions to the motherland of the motherland, was designed to celebrate the launching ceremony of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s large-scale integrated media news operation ‘Hover Together’. In order to present a better broadcast effect, more than a dozen live broadcast stations were set up at the event site, and there were four aerial signals at high altitude. Zhejiang Mobile’s 5G technology has constructed and optimized three-dimensional network for the entire event area, and realized multi-channel HD video. Real-time feedback, so that friends who have not arrived at the scene can also enjoy the beauty of such a large-scale technology at home

The event started at 19:30 on the evening of May 20th, and was broadcasted live on China Blue News APP, China Blue News WeChat Public Account, Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue official Weibo, and nearly a hundred new media platforms under the radio and television group of the province. About 50 million. At the event, thousands of spectators gathered on both sides of the Qiantang River.
If the United Science and Technology team received the live broadcast mission on May 9, they began to design the show carefully. In order to ensure the performance, the team engineers carefully adjusted the drone one by one, continuously improved the structure of the drone, accurately controlled the spacing of the drone, and coordinated the flight stability of the drone. . After working around the clock for a few days, he finally lived up to expectations and overcame difficulties, presenting the most beautiful nine-minute audio-visual feast of 520 nights

Robsense  Engineering team collaborates on joint adjustment of drone formation system

Pre-flight test

The ingenious combination of technology and media has made Ruolian Technology ’s drone formation performance on the 520th night affirmed by the audience and the audience who watched the live broadcast. Everyone left wonderful comments in the message area. In the future, Ruolian Technology will continue to move forward, showing the infinite possibilities of technological innovation in the sky of the motherland!

Robsense’s outstanding performance in the launch event of ‘Let’s fly together’ was actively reported by the main media. On the next day, it appeared on the CCTV News, Xinhua News Agency’s official Weibo, Zhejiang Satellite TV, and Zhejiang Daily’s nearly 100 radio and television media headlines, with more than 2 million real-time online viewers and more than 5 million content reads.

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