This is probably the 2050 conference event you don’t want to miss the most

This is probably the 2050 conference event you don’t want to miss the most

From April 26th to 28th, a second science and technology event with the key words of ‘young people, science and technology, reunion, and volunteering’-the second 2050 conference kicked off in Hangzhou Yunqi Town. More than 20,000 young people from all over the world spontaneously organized 73 youth reunions and 100 freshmen’s forums to create a 10,000 square meter exploration exhibition area, bringing us cutting-edge technology, culture and art.

At the first young people’s technology feast 2050 conference last year, Ruolian Technology, founded by the European returnee team, successfully challenged the drone formation performance, let ‘2050’ fly to the sky, and created a scene for the young people gathered due to technology. LOGO customized flying light and shadow masterpiece.
This year, RuoLian Technology will challenge more complex and artistic formation performances, explore technology with the world in its own way, and make ‘2050’ shine in the sky.
At 7 pm on April 26, 50 drones were ready and waiting to take off in the designated area. Relying on LoRa communication technology, the SwarmLink formation-dedicated gateway uses the S-330 light show drone independently developed and produced, and is equipped with 32 kinds of RGB color conversion LED lights for real-time formation control to complete the performance.

This performance attracted the full recording of Zhejiang Satellite TV, and the night was greeted with cheers when it was lit by ‘stars’. Compared with last year’s performance, Ruolian Technology has added more complicated formation arrays, multi-colored dynamic dance steps and other elements. Through real-time control of continuous deconstruction and reorganization, a concise and profound picture is displayed, which is integrated with the distant lights and complements each other. It is worth mentioning that Ruolian Technology is willing to open the entire solution based on the win-win technology and business concept, which will greatly facilitate individual and scientific users to bid farewell to the construction of complex clustered drone hardware platforms and maximize the creation Your own cluster idea.


After 10 minutes, the show ended. The drones that received the landing order slowly descended into an array to draw a successful end to the performance, and a successful end to the team’s efforts behind the scenes for several days. .

‘Young Volunteers Reunited with Science and Technology’, the future has come, and dreams never stop. Facing random and more complicated industrial application scenarios, Ruolian will continue to study the application value of cluster formation real-time control technology, and accelerate the future technology into life with small force.


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