Swarm Pack for Outdoor Drone Light Show

Swarm Pack for Outdoor Drone Light Show

Drone light shows have become more popular than ever.


Interested to be involved in this cool technology? Are you an ambitious show designer or a local distributor, but is being frustrated by the annoying drone engineering stuff?


No problem!


Our Swarm Pack tool is a boost for your dream!


Enterprise Edition



We have been dedicated to drone swarm service since established, with patents on flight controller, data link to high-accuracy positioning.



Training is fast to get started;

Projects is fast to be carried out;





Include state-of-the-art 3D show designing software;

Drones can be recycled;



Each show only takes few people and one computer;



EasySwarm Enterprise Edition v1.0

  • Swarm Managment

Panoramic management of drone swarm; You can test one or more drones; Real-time feedback;


  • 3D Model Simulation Design

  • Light and Music Control

Design the color and background music on your own;


  • Formation Monitoring & Emergency Response

The 3D positon of UAV is displayed in real time;

The performing pause and emergency landing are allowed;


Personal Edition


It is easier for individual and research users to create their own ideas for drone swarm, based on SwarmLink hardware and EasySwarm software.



EasySwarm Personal Edition v2.0

  • One-step networking

Drone is connected automatically once powered on;

  • Node signal quality monitoring

Real-time monitoring of signal strength and packet loss rate of data link;


  • Stand-alone test

Stand-alone test is often needed before each show. EasySwarm offers single/multiple drones unlock, take-off, return, navigation, path planning, etc.


  • Swarm control

Import user defined swarming plan, carry out projects automatically, and stop at any time.


  • Open-source flight platforms

PX4 and ArduPilot are supported;


  • White list management

white list of UAV, gateway and node is editable;


Academic Customers


Good News

Our SwarmLink has been upgraded.

The new version is easy to plug and play without network configuration.

DIY users can build their own unmanned systems with SwarmLink hardware and Pixhawk flight platforms.

SwarmLink supports three different operating frequency of 400MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz.

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