A Deep Participation in PolyHACK 2018

A Deep Participation in PolyHACK 2018

On October 27th-28th local time, a two-day hackthon organised by TELEJOB, PolyHACK, hosted at ETH Zürich with partners from industry.




The topic this year was HACK the future of drone technology, whose challenges were about how drones fly, how drones work in power lines and post deliveries.

70 participants were only given 18 hours to to deal with challenges. During the competition, three keynots speakers from Wingtra, FLYABILITY, McKinsey & Company gave instructive presentations to help participants solve problems better.

RobSense CEO Jie Jin were invited to be part of the Jury who judged the teams and determined the winners.


Within 18 hours, all participants were dedicated to contributing their creativity in the form of programming, whose passion for technology and innovation had lighted up this big annual event.


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