A Delegation from Southern Denmark Visited RobSense

A Delegation from Southern Denmark Visited RobSense

Recently, the head of the university of southern university in China and associate professor Fei Yu, foreign industrial cooperation officer Frank Jurgensen, had a meeting with the CEO Jin jie to discuss the long-term cooperation on drone education and industrial applications.

The university of Southern Denmark has adopted Phenix series flight control for advanced flight control technology and drone solution research before. This negotiation is to promote a comprehensive three-dimensional, diversified forms of industry-university-research cooperation.


Jay expressed his great expectation to combine the excellent faculty and students resources of SDU with the “full stack technology” of the company’s drone flight control, communication link, cluster control software, precise positioning and other industrial drone technologies, and use the company’s upcoming “drone and artificial intelligence” creating space to provide platforms and opportunities for unmanned system education, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Since the beginning, Robsense has been focusing on the interaction of industry and academia, and the R-650 drone platform is the best proof of scientific research and achievement.



R-650 is based on the prototype made by Zhejiang University which won 2016 International Aerial Robot Competition in Asia Pacific area. After two-year research and development, it finally became an industrial product. The modular design of R-650 appeals to research users and developers who prefer to doing assembly oneself.


In addition, the industrial UAV I-800 open platform, which has been applied in bridge, special equipment, construction engineering inspections and other projects.

I-800 supports different APIs including multi-machine cluster control, image data wireless download, obstacle avoidance radar, landing module, multiple RTK system, etc. It empower users a ability of deep control to meet the needs from different vertical industries.


Due to the fact that Robsense knows customers well and helps them sovle problems, students from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College of London, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and other universities have been attracted to join the company. RobSense also had a friendly cooperative relations with SDU, ETH Zurich, Beihang University, Zhejiang university, etc.


We will continue to expand the field of cooperation with more universities, to help scientific users learn more about drone knowledge, to promote the development of drone education, science and business innovation.


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